Nat + Faz: Java Vow Renewal


Nat and Faz ran away when they were young and uninhibited 10 years ago and married in Sin City, Las Vegas. Ten years and two children later, they decided to renew their vows in the most magical land of Java. Amanjiwo Resort played host to their ceremony and it was the perfect background. The rolling hills of Central Java lead to the most ancient and glorious temple of the Borobudor, which is overlooked by the grounds of Aman. The resort is incredibly laid out: their front entry leading the visitor’s eye directly to the silhouette of Borobudor. Nat and Faz renewed their vows overlooking the same scene, as their children and closest friends watched on. Traditional Javanese Gamelons were played and there wasn’t a dry eye around.

Moments and storytelling captured by Katie Grant Photography.


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