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Naomi and Caleb: After the Wedding


Who can forget this absolutely stunning couple? We certainly can’t. Naomi and Caleb appeared twice in Issue 20, first on the cover and then in a wedding feature courtesy of Ryder Evans Photography. We caught up with the pair eight months down the line just to see how things were going.

When you think back on your wedding day what are some of the best memories that come to mind? It was the best having all the people we love in one place and celebrating. I also loved the tunnel of goodbyes at the end and driving off with Caleb knowing we were going on holidays! 

 Where did you go on your honeymoon? Japan!

How would you describe your first eight months of married life? Ridiculous. In the best way!

What has stayed the same? We still have movie dates almost every night until we have seen every movie that’s out.

What has changed? We live together and we broke the bank and bought a massive king-size bed.

What are some of the things you both look forward to most when you think about the future? We have plans to travel somewhere new every year if we can and some day we would both love to design and build our own house out in the middle of nowhere. The best part is just knowing that whatever happens in the future we will have each other.

Why was getting married important to you both? We are best friends and soul mates and want to spend our whole lives together. Getting married is a sign of our commitment to always love and cherish each other.

When you think about Caleb as your husband how do you feel? Everything I try to write sounds corny but we just got married so I think this question pretty much answers itself. He makes me laugh and whenever I am with him I feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. He always encourages me with my talents and supports me with everything I do. I couldn’t be happier and I’m smitten.  

 What do you both want most for your relationship? To always be honest, support and encourage each other to be the best people we can be. Caleb asked me to add that he wants me to clean the car in my bikini, cook every night and then give him an hour-long massage before bed … he’s dreaming.

What does a really fun day look like for you as a couple? A relaxing sleep in but not too late, large coffee, the beach, afternoon delight, and then dinner with friends.



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