Sarah + Stewart: Myall Lakes Camping Engagement


Sarah and Stewart’s outlook to their engagement shoot consisted of relaxed, au natural, camping solidarity! And well it turned out to be relaxed, au natural, camping solidarity until a certain jet ski decided it had done it’s job for the day! We love their shots of their adventures, of which their photographer Joel Alston committed to the task and spent the night before camping out for! (Whatever’s necessary for the perfect shot, right!?)

Sarah and Stewart share the adventures with us: “There’s nothing we love more than a couple of days spent camping together… a change of pace from our everyday lives, a chance to slow down and be together. To us, the Myall Lakes equals heaven on earth. When Joel said he would come camping with us for our engagement shoot we were absolutely thrilled.

The day of our shoot we woke early, rolled out of our tent and wandered down to the jetty to enjoy the glassy lake views and a coffee on sunrise. We took the ski across the lake to get some photos at one of our favourite camping spots. There, we spent the morning enjoying the peace, the stunning scenery, the sounds of nature… without a care in the world!

When we finally decided it was time for breakfast we all climbed aboard the ski… but it did not start! The battery was flat. In the rush to get away we had forgotten to recharge it! (Sorry Joel!)

We were 7 kilometers away, Maritime were not going to save us for another few hours, and we were hungry… So we quickly accepted our fate and began taking turns pulling, pushing and paddling back to camp. Miraculously, about three hours in to the hike and about half way back to camp, the ski finally started. We threw ourselves over it and sped back to camp before we could turn on each other in our hangry state!

We are so grateful for these beautiful shots – drama and all. Looking forward to the big day, for those moments we will plan and for all those that will happen unplanned!”

Have a gander through these picturesque camping shots below by Joel, from Barefoot & Bearded Photography.


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