Mr. and Mrs. Unique


A styled shoot is always pretty rad, but when that styled shoot encompasses little pieces of art at every turn of the head, that’s when you know you’ve truly hit the jackpot! This is most definitely the case in this wonderful pocket of styled goodness by the incredible Mr. and Mrs. Unique. This beautifully unique wedding directory focuses on unique, eclectic and creative wedding suppliers, the type of people you would feel superbly secure in giving responsibility to style your special day. Once a year, the gorgeous director of Mr. And Mrs. Unique gets together with some of her favourites so they can spread their creative wings and create masterpieces such as this. She always encourages them to push their boundaries and the results, as I’m sure you’ll agree, are nothing short of amazing. If you head down the tunnel and out the other side on a stormy day in North Devon, this us what you’ll find.


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