Estelle + Stas: Mountaintop Elopement


For a couple who are both a fan of the outdoors, nature, and with the now-hubby in the aviation world, Estelle and Stas created a really gorgeous wedding in Wanaka, New Zealand that integrated all of these elements in a meaningful way. The two always wanted to create a eloepment-styled wedding, unconventional and personal, of which they could pick and choose what traditions they wanted to include. A beautiful element to bring in to the day was the choice to take weave Estelle’s Great Grandmother’s aquamarine pendant and some rosemary into a simple and special head garland to wear on their special day.

So, with an unconventional but beautiful, outdoors-y elopement in mind, it saw the pair marrying under beautiful autumn trees, with just a couple of of their closests, and then taking off to the top of the mountain in a helicopter to get some wind-swept photos in their R.M Williams Millicent boots, representing their love for the Kimberley, in Western Australia. This is near where Stas actually proposed to Estelle, after hiking the El Questro Gorge, a relatively difficult hike, but one with a rewarding waterfall at the end. Estelle told us all about it. “A swim in the pristine water at 35-40 degree heat is a must! We changed into our swimwear and began swimming, and after sometime in the water, Stas went back to his backpack, secured the ring, and called me to swim over. He then got down on one knee, whilst I was in the water and asked me to marry him! It was perfect, just us two in the wilderness.”

Estelle and Stas were stoked with how their wedding turned out, and have a piece of advice for others who might be considering something along the lines of elopement. “The day is for you and your loved one, do what makes you happy and have the day how you envisioned it. Our wedding was a type of elopement, our parents and us. Many people tried to change our minds, but this was exactly what we wanted and it was perfect!”

Have a look at some of their beautiful pictures, thanks to Alpine Image Company.


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