Modern Vintage Wedding: Renee + Chris


With the romance of a garden wedding and the sass of Taylor Swift, Renee and Chris began their new life together at the Driftwood Shed on the South Coast of New South Wales!

Tell us about your proposal. Renee had just finished her internship and been offered a job that day. So I organised to take her out to dinner. Unbeknownst to Renee, I had been planning a proposal for that night so the timing was perfect! I took Renee out to dinner at Paymasters and had organised with the future best-man and bridesmaid to come to our home and set it up for the proposal. So while I was being a nervous strange mess throughout dinner, best man Christopher and Annie had decorated the house with rose petals and candles while our pets (2 cats and a dog) all donned bowties. The cat that was deemed least likely to run away was given the task of ring bearer.

After arriving home (with Renee a little tipsy from celebrating) we were welcomed with candles, music and flowers everywhere. Renee came to the conclusion that a very friendly robber had entered the house and was very confused until I got down on one knee with Luna the ring bearing cat and proposed.

How did you know your partner was the one?

Renee: When I first started dating Chris I was a vegetarian and Chris happened to be a meat lover. On our third date, Chris decided to cook us dinner, but all he could cook was pancakes with ice cream. He put in so much effort, it was absolutely adorable and I knew he was the kind of guy who would do anything for you.

Chris: When I first met her at work I jokingly said to a colleague “I’ll marry that girl one day”, but really, it’s hard to pick a defining moment. I knew when we very first started dating that she was special and I was very excited to tell my mum about her.

What do you love most about your partner?

Renee: He’s a massive sweetheart, he would do anything for me, such as give me a head and back massage every night. He has the same passions and interests as me. I love that we can still stay up all night just chatting and laughing.

Chris: I love her mind and how we are often on the same wave-length, she’s very caring and loving. I even don’t mind her crazy cat antics.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

Renee: As part of my hens day, my wonderful bridesmaids organised a dance lesson to Taylor Swift (anyone who knows me will understand how much I love Tay Tay). So after my first dance with Chris, we surprised the boys with a flash mob dance to Shake it Off. It was absolutely hilarious.

Chris: Apart from seeing Renee arrive and walk down the aisle (the smile on her face and how beautiful she looked), the ceremony itself was a lot of fun, personal and inclusive of the guests which really set a great atmosphere for the day.

Describe your wedding theme? The theme for our wedding was modern vintage: the lace on the wedding dress, the candles, and the beautiful gardens at Driftwood Shed fit perfectly with our theme.

What was your favourite detail? For us it was the personalised wedding ceremony. We were lucky enough to have Chris’s cousin officiate the wedding, meaning there were plenty of personalised stories and antics throughout the ceremony.

What is marriage to you? For us marriage is all about being part of a team, supporting each other through the good times and bad. While we have always been a team, getting married is a wonderful opportunity to express our love and commitment and share it with our closest friends and family.


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