Modern Romance: Krystal + Ryan


The gorgeous wedding of Krystal + Ryan featured moody lanterns, metallic gold details, dripping tapered candles and vibrant, extravagant florals. Check out their romantic story and stunning images below, captured by Sarah Tonkin Photography.

Tell us about the proposal.

Ryan: I proposed down south on our favourite beach near Meelup, Dunsborough. It was a cloudy day in July at about 4:30pm and the sun was peeking through the clouds, setting up for the perfect West Australian sunset. I took a picnic blanket, a bottle of Moet and sat down to relax and watch the sun go down. After about 15 minutes Krystal went to explore the water’s edge and I thought I would seize the perfect opportunity. I asked Krystal to stand facing the water with her arms out so I could take the perfect photo. With her back towards me, I quickly ditched the camera, dropped a knee and waited for her to turn and see.

(Rumour has it that the proposal cost Ryan a pair of Jeans which ripped as he dropped down to his knee…)

How did you know your partner was the one?

Ryan: We were in Bali; it was our first romantic getaway as a couple. Krystal went a week before me to spend time with her friends and I was heading over for 4 days. After travelling on my own, I remember the excitement I had first when I was driving to the airport to get on the plane. As I got on the plane, the excitement grew. When I landed in Bali my excitement grew again. When I got in the taxi in Bali to be dropped at the destination where Krystal was waiting, I knew that she was the one. Nobody else ever gave me that excitement and buzz, I couldn’t wait to see her.

Krystal: After being together for 2 months, Ryan invited me to his traditional family Easter camping getaway. Ryan’s family is very large, and he is extremely close with them all. I was extremely nervous to meet the crew. From the moment we arrived, everyone rushed out to meet me, and from then on I knew they were going to treat me as their own. At this point I knew Ryan was the one.


What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

Ryan: The ceremony was easily something I will never forget. With the 150 onlookers, I felt like Krystal and I were the only two people there. Her eyes locked onto mine and mine on to hers. We were in our own little bubble, our own world. It was amazing!

Krystal: Our ceremony was perfectly suited to us – there was plenty of laughter, lots of tears and some personal pieces in the ceremony, like including both mothers in a rose ceremony. We both love art and design so we decided to unite our love through painting a heart on an easel which we will write our vows on the inside of. This will be something we keep forever. I really took the opportunity to take in every moment, I made sure I gave eye contact to everyone, I took in the wonderful vows Ryan read to me, and the gorgeous words during the ceremony. Us reading our vows to one another felt like the most vulnerable moment of our lives and we were so honoured to have our loved ones witness it.

What is marriage to you?

Ryan: Marriage is a bond, a lifetime commitment. It means that you are 100% devoted to your partner and your partner is 100% devoted to you. The act of marriage to me solidifies your connection to a person. It means that you are no longer facing the world alone. You have a team mate for the rest of your life to support you, to share your successes and to help you through your failures. It is a life commitment to someone that betters who you are.

Krystal: In an ever-changing world, marriage is your one constant. Although there can be tough times or challenges within a marriage, through shared values such as respect, communication, trust and loyalty, marriage will bring you safety and happiness. A happy marriage should serve as a good example for your children about the positive influences of marriage.




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