Modern Melbourne Wedding: Janna + David


Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, Janna + David confessed their love for each other in the stunning Saint Ignatius Church in Melbourne. The ceremony and reception were picturesque, overflowing with modern glamour and elegance.

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Tell us about your proposal.
David proposed to me while we were in New York. It was our first day there and we had already been walking around Central Park for a while. I remember it was a really hot day, so we stopped at Sheep’s Meadow to lay in the sun and that’s when he did it! It was really sweet, he was so nervous and I just remember I couldn’t stop laughing because he is usually quite confident – especially with me. We then went to celebrate with champagne at the Lake House and called our families who had stayed awake (in Melbourne) waiting for our call – seemed like everyone knew it was happening but me! Dave had then organised for our good friends who live over there to meet us for drinks at Catch rooftop followed by an amazing dinner at Buddakan.

What do you love most about your partner?

Janna: I love Dave’s gentle heart and thoughtful nature. He is chivalrous, a hard worker and we make a great team.
David: I love Janna’s caring nature. We aspire to the same goals and dreams and she will be a great mother to our children one day.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?
A bit of great advice someone gave me was to make sure Dave and I had 5 minutes to go outside have a quick chat and take it all in – which is what we did. We snuck away after mains and took in the whole day. That’s when I actually realised what a beautiful summer night it was – everyone kept saying how beautiful the weather was that day and to be honest I hadn’t even noticed it until then!

Describe your wedding theme?
With the wedding being in summer I thought a fresh, summer contemporary feel would be fitting. My inspiration really stemmed from my dress, it had quite a classic, contemporary feel with clean lines which I wanted reflected in the room. I worked with The Style Dispensary to develop a summer theme utilising the breeze block design on all my stationary and carrying it through to the design of the bar that stood on the decking area. This was the outdoor feature that also had cascading white and green blooms to give it a fresh look. I also love a bit of mood lighting, so I ensured mountains of candles were incorporated in the brief along with festoon lighting on the decking area. Other great elements were the large gold hoops that created a stunning floral and lighting installation over the dance floor featuring sectioned blooms and ivy hanging from them along with the amazing white balloon installation in the pools at the front of Carousel. I loved this – they looked like a mass of bubbles on either side of the entrance.

We also had a modern take on the ‘photobooth’ and created a wall out of gold towers and floral with some fun props for guests to take photos with. This also acted as a beautifully styled entrance feature that guests saw as soon as they walked through the doors.

What was your favourite detail?
Our wedding favours. They were these divine smelling Husk soap bars. My best friend and I spent one Saturday night wrapping them in twine with a cinnamon stick for decoration… Not only did the cinnamon stick look great its qualities promote love, prosperity and happiness.

What is marriage to you?
Marriage is a deep understanding for one another – wanting the same things and supporting each other towards our goals. It’s a confirmation of our commitment and love we already share.


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