Modern Hunter Valley Wedding


Tell us about your proposal: Tom and I work for the same organisation and without my knowledge he organised a week off work and a trip to Hamilton Island for my birthday. I had NO idea. He surprised me with the holiday the morning we flew out.

When we got there, Tom woke me from an afternoon nap because he wanted to go for cocktails. We had a golf cart and drove up to an amazing sunset spot on the top of the island where he proposed. Tom was on one knee for some time behind me while I was raving on about a pretty tree. When I turned around I immediately started to cry. We had a whole week after that just us, celebrating the engagement and discussing wedding ideas; it was such a special time. 

How did you know your partner was the one?

Kristen: I knew very soon into the relationship that he was the one. It was like everything clicked and I realised that this is what love is actually meant to be and how you are meant to feel…completely content and immensely happy. Anytime we spent apart made me realise that I had never missed anyone like that before.

Tom: Besides being stunning, she was driven and I love that about her. Even from the start, something just felt different and we didn’t really discuss marriage, I think we just knew. As Kristen said above, you just realise that this is what a relationship is meant be like.

What do you love most about your partner?

Kristen: He is incredibly intelligent and motivated. He is constantly trying to find ways to ensure we are set up for the future. He can make me laugh even when I am in the worst mood and he can immediately calm me down if I am stressed. Another thing that I love (but can also annoy me at times) he is one those people who is good at everything he does! I also love how respectful and caring he is. He constantly tells me I am his everything and makes me feel like I am the only thing that matters in the world.

Tom: She is amazing. Smart, funny, and crazy attractive. I love that we make such a good team. We both have the same drive career-wise, love to travel, and want the same things in life. I would be lost without her by my side.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

Kristen: I absolutely loved the lead up in the morning. We had the groom’s party, bridal party and our families there. Although I didn’t see Tom, messages were passed between us all day and it was just a special and fun time.

Walking down the aisle and seeing all our friends and family and Tom at the end was also a highlight. I remember thinking how lucky I was, seeing Tom’s smiling face and knowing that I was soon going to be his wife, and that this person that I wanted to share the rest of my life with, also wanted to share his life with me.

Another favourite part was Tom’s speech. He had everyone in tears and laughter. The day went so fast but those words are still so clear to me.

Tom: I know it’s a cliché but the whole day was awesome. The lead up to the ceremony was really memorable. Having family and the bridal party organising everything was pretty chaotic (and hilarious). We were lucky that the sun came out in time for the ceremony which I’m still happy about. For me, one of the other great parts was just having all our friends and family in one spot.

Describe your wedding theme. Modern luxe with a bit of romance and a contemporary edge. Incorporating timber with grey and white and lots of greenery. We wanted to keep things simple with clean, sleek lines.

What was your favourite detail? The florals…especially the dramatic ceremony back drop. Rachael from Botanica Bird was awesome to deal with. She is so creative and has a specific, different sort style that I loved. I also really loved the way the boy’s suits came together too.

Oh I also can’t not mention the Dougheads since they were such a hit… such a hit Tom and I didn’t even get one! The stand for the Dougheads was so fun too.

What is marriage to you?

Kristen: Marriage is about loyalty and a lifelong commitment. Supporting and standing up for the other person and being a team. Supporting the other person’s decisions even when you sometimes don’t always agree with them and providing constant entertainment for each other with plenty of laughs! It’s about being a partner in crime for life!

Tom: I mentioned it before but being I feel being a team is the most important thing. Whether it’s renovating a house or navigating a foreign country, being a good team is the most important thing. I also think it’s important that you want the same things in life. By being on the same page it makes everything much more enjoyable.



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