Minimalist In Home Romance


This shoot is a stunning reminder to us that marriage is even more beautiful than your wedding day. Not that it has all the gorgeous, intentional details you labor over – but the intimacy that grows and the start of a lifetime of spending each day with your best friend is the best kind of beautiful.

When Anouk Wubs dreamt up this beautiful shoot, it was actually the morning of an elopement! Herman and Sietske woke up in the North of Netherlands, in a room with the most beautiful soft light, and had photos together on their relaxed morning-of. With a day of intimacy and quietness stretched before them (gotta love an elopement!), they started their day slow.

An easy morning, a big fluffy bed and just each other. They put on relaxed clothes, made coffee, grabbed each other and went straight back to bed. The perfect start of the day. And when, after a while, they felt that it is time for a little action: a cosy breakfast is served on a pretty casual and minimalistic tablescape. And when your favourite homemade delicious pancakes are present, there is nothing that could go wrong!

We are SO inspired by the style of this place, and the love and affection shared between Herman and Sietske. This is the story about two people deeply in love, an epic styled house to wake up in, and how sometimes simple best shows the complex, gorgeous beauty of love.

Enough words for now, time to swoon!


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