Minimalist Boho Wedding – In Their Own Backyward!


Relaxed and minimalist. We were more focused on the marriage part, not the wedding. When you have that view, the wedding will just fall into place on the day, because everyone can feel how genuine it is.” YES to all of this! Jessie + Michael’s wedding was the best of minimalism, boho fringe, relaxing forests and wild seashores (yes, there is frolicking!). Captured by the incredibly talented Liz Jorquera, we fell in love with the bride’s unbelievable smile and the couple’s adorable nature. Before you head to their wedding photos, take a read of what Jessie has to say about Michael (it’s a tear-jerker!):

How did you know your partner was the one?

Michael and I had been good friends our whole life. We both have very similar cheeky personalities and are big adventure lovers. We used to go out altogether with our friends and go camping, fishing and ride motorbikes. Every time we were in the same room we could make each other laugh more than anyone, and it’s exactly the same to this day.

What was your favourite detail of your wedding day?

Having dinner in our backyard. We highly recommend it! It was such a beautiful evening, so intimate and relaxed. Everyone was just genuinely happy to be altogether.

What is marriage to you?

Marriage to us is so much more than a piece of paper, it is being a team with your best friend. We change as people every day, and marriage is celebrating that in each other. Marriage is laughing about nothing on the couch every day, and never having to fight a battle alone ever again. It is helping each other to shine, always putting each other first, and committing to each other again and again. It’s making sure that your marriage feels like the safest place in the world. It’s the understanding that you never make one cup of tea, you always make two without asking! Our motto is “the grass is greener where you water it” and that is the truth. The buzz of a new relationship is cool, but being with your person through the highs and lows of life is just epic.


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