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Mikaela + Leigh: an Autumn engagement


Mikaela and Leigh share those day-to-day gestures they use to express their love, and delight us with a look at their cosy Autumn engagement shoot.

1. Dreaming about our baby – We are pregnant and love nothing more than to watch our little one kick and stretch in mum’s tummy. We spend endless amounts of time talking about our baby and dreaming about our future lives as a family.
2. Travel – We lead really busy lives but always have time to plan our next adventure and reminisce about our previous ones. We honeymooned in South America last year and will never forget our time spent sailing around the islands off the coast of Brazil. Travelling brings us together in a big world and we find that really exciting.
3. Shared projects – We work really well together as a team and have similar ideas and taste. We were both equally involved in planning and putting our wedding together and have recently designed and moved in to our beautiful new home. We are definitely in a “nesting” phase and want to be at home together, hanging out, all the time.
4. Going out for breakfast – We love food and love exploring the cafes that Melbourne has to offer. Our favourite way to start the weekend, before things get too busy, is to go out to breakfast together or with friends. We always try what the other has ordered, share different parts of the newspaper, and talk about our week at work and what is planned for the weekend.
5. Having a night in at home – These days our favourite kind of night is a night at home together. We love to get takeaway, cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. This helps us to connect and relax after a super busy week, to enjoy being in our new home, and spend some time watching the baby kick.
6. Ambition – We have busy careers and Mikaela is in the final stage of completing her doctoral thesis before the baby comes in a few weeks. Leigh is incredibly supportive of Mikaela and helps in a million little and big ways. We’ve worked really hard to set ourselves up for our future and our growing family and this really helps us to work as a team and support each other.


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