Michaela + Zachary


Having known each other their whole lives, it seemed destined for Michaela and Zachary to marry. ‘If you look back at our childhood photos you’ll see a lot of us together – Birthday parties and even baby bath photos!
Throughout my childhood, Dad joked that Zach was his “future son-in-law”, making his thoughts on it rather public – and even once saying it to Zach himself! My Dad suddenly and sadly passed away when I was 16, so when Zach and I started dating in our early 20s, there was something pretty special about the whole thing. As you could imagine, our families were ecstatic – there were wedding bells ringing in their minds as soon as we were officially a couple. And although we always brushed it off to them, we both knew we had found our soul mate! Things just seemed to fit and within a few months we were talking about getting married.’ See the adorable pair below, with photography by Greta Kenyon.


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