Meredith + Kevin: Real Love At First Sight


The phrase “love at first sight” has become something of a cliché, but for Meredith and Kevin, it simply describes their reality.

Meredith, an Australian artist, met her German future husband on a work trip to Berlin. In a stroke of fate, Kevin was sent to the airport to pick up Meredith as a favour to his boss. And as the pair spotted each other across the airport terminal, there was an immediate and powerful sense of magnetism between them—”something I’d never felt before,” says Meredith. “I didn’t know this person, yet had known him forever.”

Despite only spending an hour or so together that evening, both Meredith and Kevin knew there was something special between them. And despite only meeting once more before Meredith flew to Paris a week later, both had fallen deeply and inexplicably in love. Meredith realised this as soon as she arrived in France. “I sat down in my little hotel room in St Germain, writing Kevin a letter (fully illustrated!) and was planning to go and post it when I realised it would likely arrive to him too late and I’d be on my way back home to Australia. So rather than post it, I thought I’d be better to hand-deliver it. I had his business card in my pocket and wrote him a message: ‘Mr Lindemann, I wish you were here’. He wrote back ‘Anywhere with you’. Little did I know, friends and family had been throwing money at him to come and find me in Paris, as he had been feeling the same.”

Fast-forward several years, and Meredith and Kevin found themselves the happy recipients of Mister and Lady’s Wedding Coop giveaway, which helped them create a gorgeous dream wedding. See all the beautiful details of the joyously bright and colourful day below.


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