Real Weddings

Simply sweet


What have we here? A stunning elfin creature cradling a bouquet of flowers that pop against her white ethereal floor-length gown. This truly is the stuff of fantasy, crafted and captured by a handful of super-talented individuals. We love styled shoots for several reasons, but mostly because we rarely fail to be gob-smacked by their ability to challenge the imagination into thinking a little outside the fru-fru when it comes to weddings. Take this rather divine run of stills for example. Just a few seconds in the company of these beauties and the take-home message becomes abundantly clear: simple is definitely sexy, glam can be had without slathering on the face paint, and gowns with classic cuts are still equal to exquisite. Of course, great style is lifeless without great taste and a good eye, which is why the collaboration of Mel Bouldon, Michelle Richards and Rene Mussared from The Vintage Bride Boutique make a winning combination. Expertise for hire peeps, so don’t be shy. If you like it, give them a call! 


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