Meet The Robertsons


The Robertsons are making Newcastle home, hoorah! And we want to be one of the first to welcome them to this splendid part of the world. David and Shobana Robertson are a husband and wife duo who capture and hold all the incredible moments of your day in an everlasting visual tribute and keepsake. Yes, they are photographers and two of the best out there.  In between brand-spanking new parenthood (welcome to the world beautiful Elijah Robertson) and the frenzy of packing and hauling, we managed to get hold of David to ask him one itty bitty question.

What brought you to Newcastle and what are you looking forward to about being here? What brought us to Newcastle? Some reasons: We love the beach and think the Newcastle region has some of the best coast in Australia,  oh and it’s so warm haha! We also love the chilled out creative scene here in Newcastle. It’s fun, sincere and dynamic but doesn’t take itself so seriously that it becomes pretentious. We’re really excited about shooting more in the Hunter valley and surroundings.  It’s so beautiful up here! We love that the region has a reputation for being full of community spirit and there is plenty to get involved in; we are already thinking about joining our local bowls club (as we have been invited by our neighbour). And last but not least, Shobz’s mum is here and when you become a new mum it’s nice to have your mum around for some pointers. So far we are loving being here!

Thanks so much guys. We are so looking forward to seeing more of you!


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