Meet our issue 22 cover couple


Gabriel and Brady are a yummy pair aren’t they? No wonder they made the cover of white Issue 22. Of course, Bek Grace is the maven with the means to immortalise any happy couple in all their gorgeousness. She has the  sort of talent that further proves the difference a great photographer can make. Take a minute to meet this lovely duo and find out a teensy bit about how they are doing.

Where did you and Brady meet? School and youth group. Yeah, it was a pretty riveting meeting.

You’ve been Mr + Mrs for how long now? Just over nine months.

What’s it been like post-wedding? Great. We’ve continuously grown closer and have had to make life decisions together. Joining bank accounts has been particularly challenging for me, haha!

We’d like to think things stay the same after the wedding but do they? Yes, everything has stayed the same. We have just fallen more in love each day!

So not much has changed? Not really. We did not live together before we got married so when we did, it was a completely new and exciting adventure.

What does a day together look like for you both? We love to explore on our days off and we love to go out for breakfast. We like creating and building new things together.

Why did you want to get hitched? It means an eternal relationship—to devote ourselves to each other and to start a new season of our journey through God together.  

What do you want for the future? To still be in love as we are now in 60 years.


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