Meet Bek Grace our issue 22 cover photographer


Well, who do we have here? It’s the sweet, gorgeous, lovely Bek Grace. We rather adore this little lady and are delighted we got to catch up for a wee bit of girlie time. Make yourself comfy folks. This fun little chat is best had with a pipping hot cup of tea and a buttered crumpet.

Where were you born? In the one and only suburb Penrith, NSW. First camera? Hmm. My first camera was a Samsung digital. I remember shooting everything on it, although I had zero idea at the time that  I’d one day be shooting for a living! So crazy. How did you discover you were a pro at photography? This was actually quite a journey. I think as creatives we constantly doubt ourselves and want to be better. A good indication for me was when people started asking me to shoot their journeys–pretty humbling. Photography took me by complete surprise, but  actually, it wasn’t photography itself that caught my attention. I fell in love with my own wedding photographer; she just inspired me and was so magnetic . I remember walking back to our car after our initial consultation and saying to my fiancé (now hubs) that I’d love to do be doing what she’s doing. Long story short, I was given my first professional camera by her and it has been love ever since.  How does it feel behind the lens? I feel so many things. Inspired. Driven. Pushed. In love with the two in front of the lens (I really do get the greatest couples!). If your 15-year-old self met you today what would she say? I think she wouldn’t believe that the 25-year-old me is doing what she loves for a living.  Your photography is unique because I pride myself on realness. I want the image captured to be the truest representation of the two lovers standing in front of my lens.  So you take stunning pictures of people getting married but do you believe in marriage? Wholeheartedly. Marriage has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I think it’s the hardest, most rewarding, most joyful journey! I really believe love  and marriage is something created by God to be embraced, enjoyed, explored, pursued. Love and marriage is a beautifully powerful thing.  So what does spontaneity look like for you? Everybody needs a bit of spontaneity. Mine usually comes on a day when the hubs isn’t working. We’ll get out of the house and usually head to the water, paddle boarding or swimming. One time we went out to breakfast then sat on a hill watching whales jumping out of the water–you can’t beat that stuff. So good for the soul. And how do you kick back? Gimme a couch, F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ box set and nibblies and I’m good. Not many people know that I used to put on Mariah Carey “Always be my baby” and sing my little heart out into my hairspray microphone. I was legit.

Thanks Bek. See more of her captivating photography at Bek Grace Photography.


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