Meet Allie


Allie Muller is a bride, turned nurse, turned full-ball wedding planner. The delightful wedding of Allie and Tom was so beautifully snapped by the talented Ben Adams at Montrose Berry Farm in Sydneys stunning Southern Highlands and featured in Issue 15 of WHITE.

However, this is not all there is to know about Allie. Allie is the perfect picture of an inspired young, delightful lady following her true interests and passions.

Following her sweet wedding to Tom, Allie continued work as a Nurse for three years following three years of study, when she realized her interest lied in weddings, planning, the fine little details and special unforgettable moments.

After leaving nursing, Allie then found herself working part time for a small wedding events company, only to find herself going completely her own way, launching herself into her own wedding planning business with the lovely label of ‘The Wedding Weaver’.

Word of mouth is keeping her busy and loving her dream job, Allie has begun doing the styling, organising and prepping for some dreamy days filled with love.


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