Mediterranean Ambience in Mallorca


Vivid and fresh Mediterranean ambience for brides who love spring colors, vibrant blooms and elegant table styling that has us dreaming of outdoor receptions under a fading sun! Captured by Vivid Symphony, an incredible team of vendors came together to create a rustic wedding in Mallorca, with everything from a blue peacock to donuts (an unexpected and wonderful combination!).

They chose the spring colors apricot, rose, orange and green and added real apricots to the table decoration. For the accessories they chose copper, an emerging wedding trend that we’re very happy about! The warm spring sun of Majorca stands over the Finca Santa Lucia, a beautiful venue that fit the style perfectly.

The peonies, ranunculus and English roses were laid loosely with gray-green eucalyptus branches to a bridal bouquet, and arranged in a copper bowl on the wedding table. A stunning detail was the personalized succulents on a clay plate (adorable doesn’t even come close!). Clara Riemer designed gorgeous stationary, particularly the transparent menu plan with white calligraphy font. This detail is repeated in the form of a cocktail selection on the caravan. On the the sweet table is covered in everything you need – the wedding cake and sweets such as donuts, macarons and petit cakes.


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