Master Craftsman


Beck Rocchi shares the skill and finesse involved in planning a unique wedding.
Getting engaged is ace! But the minute you do, everyone starts asking you about the wedding plans – it’s pretty daunting! You’re all loved up in your bubble and people start asking where and when and who will photograph it! Although I had thought about it many times, I still had no idea of venues, locations, photographers … I wasn’t consuming my brain with these thoughts until the deed went down. We started researching how to make our incredible, colourful dreams a reality and, of course, everything came down to budget! Anything is possible, but it all has a price tag – I wish I was a millionaire and could have those flamingos at our wedding! I did a lot of emailing vendors, setting up secret Pinterest boards and budget shuffling to work out how we can afford everything we wanted! It’s hard because when you want your guests to have an authentic experience, you want everything to be premium quality!

The first things to cut are the decor and fun styling items – sometimes you have to compromise on a few things here and there! When you break it all down, the key to a good party is inviting a great crowd, having plenty of tasty food, ice cold drinks and killer tunes! We want to get married in Byron because it is such a special place for us. I lived there on and off in my early twenties and Joelie is a huge lover of the ocean, the seaside lifestyle and everything that Byron encapsulates in its soul. The property we chose felt so right when we got there and we knew straight away that this would be the spot we would say “forever”! We’re also having Shane Shepherd shoot our wedding. He is rad and he gets us – we are coming up with some really non-traditional wedding ideas to increase the fun and again, step away from the average wedding shots. Choose a photographer that gets you because they are your third wheel for the day! We are also so lucky to have Shark Pig from Los Angeles, US, to do our videography! His energy mixed with Shane Shepherd’s will be so inspiring and upbeat!

There are only a few rules you actually have to follow for your wedding and these are during the ceremony – the rest of the day is totally in your hands! For example, Joelie doesn’t want to wear a suit and I don’t want to wear a white dress. I’ve also told my bridesmaids to go buy a beautiful white dress that suits their body and style, and wear it with pride! We’re smashing a piñata instead of having a first dance, and we’re replacing our wedding cake with an ice-cream stall. You have to question everything! And if you don’t believe in the tradition or fad, then don’t do it! Make your guests leave your wedding knowing you inside and out. Choose your venue to suit your personalities, then add your favourite food and music, and create the right vibe through your styling. If you follow this, you will be able to create your dream day!


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