Mark + Bianca: A farm escape with Brown Paper Parcel


What happens when you combine the emotive photography of Jessica Tremp from Brown Paper Parcel, adorable farm animals and a too-cute-for-words couple getting hitched? Well they do say a picture is worth a thousand words, so rather than answer this question for you, we’re going to let the photography do the talking. Scroll down and you can even find out more about the delightful newlyweds themselves, Mark and Bianca. Take a deep breath and conserve your oxygen for all the ‘awwww’s you’ll be spouting.

The proposal
We were celebrating our anniversary with a picnic by the river. There wasn’t a proposal in the traditional ‘boy on one knee’ sense. The idea of getting married was something we had spoken about, but hadn’t formalised yet. Sitting by the river on such a beautiful day, with a beautiful girl, it was about as good as it gets. Mark knew enough about rings to know he knew nothing about rings at all. So in place of a ring, he proposed with a giant hand-drawn diamond brooch by Emily Green.

The inspiration
We always knew we wanted to have an intimate wedding – we wanted the day to be a fun and relaxed celebration with our closest friends and family. We also wanted to be married outdoors under a big old tree.

The ceremony
The ceremony was held at the Collingwood Childrens’ Farm. With 35 guests, it was a really intimate ceremony. It was magical being married under the oak tree with the sunlight filtering through. A few ‘baas’ from a nearby sheep and the ding of a bell from a passing bike added to the atmosphere!

The reception
After the ceremony, we made our way to the Farm Café. It is such a sweet setting and a great place for a fun, relaxed dinner. We kept the atmosphere casual with a buffet dinner and chose not to assign seating. The food was delicious!

The venue
The Collingwood Children’s Farm is one of our favourite spots in Melbourne. We’ve been going to the market, eating at the café and hanging out with the animals for years, so the venue basically chose itself.

Words of wisdom
Share the day with people closest to you and enjoy seeing their smiling faces. There is a lot of love at a wedding and that’s the best bit – don’t worry too much about the details.


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