Marianne + Gerold: Special Ruby Wedding Anniversary


The utmost privilege for any couple is the ability to grow old together and to spend the many years with each other learning, loving and creating. This is exactly what Marianne and Gerold have done, this year celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary.

Forty years ago, Marianne and Gerold made the decision to spend the rest of their lives together and today they continue to encompass the true meaning of an honest, wholehearted marriage.

On April 24th in 1976 the pair were wed and forty years on, they still maintain the closeness they felt in the beginning, taking nothing for granted.

In light of reaching such a milestone, the couple have celebrated their ruby wedding anniversary with a beautifully styled shoot to cherish and look back on. During their forty years of marriage they have gone through many ups and downs but have never stopped believing in their ability to master any challenge together.

The ruby wedding anniversary shoot portrays a different perspective of wedding anniversaries, focusing on the existing love and shared memories.The theme of the shoot was pure, modern and airy, with the centre colour being ruby.

The stationery fits the concept perfectly and is designed in a straightforward manner while being infused with little playful elements. An example is the envelope of the invitation, which was designed to be opened like a window in order to represent looking into the window of Marianne and Gerold’s life together.

Another highlight and a surprise for the anniversary couple was the moment-cards. They represent memories of important shared moments like the birth of their daughters, their first date and their first holiday together. They were arranged around a tree to represent the consistency and growth of their relationship and enabled the couple to take a short trip down memory lane.

Scroll down to see how this special shoot came together, as captured by Caterina Hoffmann Fine Art Photography.



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