“Some young designers have that golden touch. And when it comes to the duo behind the aptly named Australian jewellry label Maniamania, we mean that quite literally.” That’s what the New York Times said about the dynamic duo behind the stunning accessories label, Maniamania.  Not that we would ever claim to know better than the New York Times, but we might go so far as to add that their hypnotising designs have a quality rarely seen before. Experienced art director, Melanie Kamsler and established stylist Tamila Purvis joined forces in 2009 to launch Maniamania. Suffice it to say they turned some rather big heads instantly; we’re talking Australian Vogue,  V Magazine, Oyster Magazine, May Jagger, need we go on? But just to show they are lovers of big and boutique names alike, we are privileged to showcase some of their collection right here! How utterly spoilt are we? You’ll feel the same too mind you. Scroll south and take a gander at the good stuff. 


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