The Makeup Factory


If you remember stealing your mum’s lipstick and slipping on some pumps five sizes too big, you’re feeling what we’re feeling. This shoot is kinda how we hoped to look but, alas, it wasn’t to be–not as a scrawny six year old anyway.  We love this gorgeous run of stills from The Makeup Factory which is, essentially, a collective of immensely talented people doing their thing. Beauty mastermind, Jill Chambers, is the genius responsible for styling and makeup. With 17 years’ experience, she’s channelling fresh, effortlessly chic looks. There’s something very relatable about this lounged, unforced beauty that makes us want to dream away with this gifted crew. We want to follow them to the land of floral headpieces and embellished gowns, and swan around with champers at an epic Jill Chambers makeup bash.


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