Magnificent Church Wedding


Right from the start of their relationship, the chemistry between Miranda and Chris was obvious. “Every time I am with him feels like a first date,” Miranda said. “Things with Chris are just so easy. He has this uncanny ability to always put a smile on face, even at the worst of times.”

And naturally, Chris thinks the world of Miranda, too. “Miranda makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.  My success is all due to her.”

In true Chris and Miranda style, the couple were at a bar before dinner, sitting beside the fireplace the night they became engaged. All of a sudden the other patrons left and Chris saw his opportunity. With the privacy and intimacy of just the two of them and the fire, Chris asked Miranda to be his wife. And she said yes!

Not even the patchy weather could hold back the love of these two on their wedding day. Under the high roof of a breathtaking church, surrounded by stained glass windows and the people they love, Miranda and Chris vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. Miranda was wearing a simple but elegant white dress, with a modest v neck and stylish detailing while Chris was looking smart in his sleek black suit.

At the reception the pair escaped to the roof to take some gorgeous photos with Melbourne city dotting the skyline. With the pink and orange rays of the setting sun peaking through the clouds illuminating the sky, the couple were treated to the true talent of I Got You Babe Weddings photography as the moment was perfectly captured.

Then, with the Melbourne skyline in the background, the couple celebrated the night away with their family and friends.


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