Madeline Druce Photography: Lani + Jared


It’s not very often that we tell the photographer’s side of a wedding they captured, but we felt that Madeline Druce‘s coverage of Lani and Jared’s wedding just had to be shared. Not only will you love the way she tells their tale, but you will be gobsmacked at the amazing photography of the day.

Madeline: This was one epic wedding. When I arrived at the ceremony location, basking in all its sun-flooded glory, with Mount Warning rising up on its hind legs in the background, I almost fell over in awe. You couldn’t find a more stunning wedding venue. I challenge you to try, and if you do so, hire me as your photographer … but seriously. This place had an energy about it I can’t describe. It was pretty powerful. Anyway, when the day finally came for Lani and Jared to get hitched, I couldn’t contain my excitement. We’d been in contact for over a year as they carefully planned the structure of their day  to allow ample time for the portrait session at sunset. They completely trusted me to take them off into the wilderness for their portrait shoot, and it was such a blast to play in the forest and fields surround Mount Warning. Portrait session aside, these two were just the epitomy of cuteness. Opting for a small gathering of 60 people, the ceremony was intimate and emotional and was followed by an equally special reception at Mavis’s Kitchen.


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