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Madeleine + Owen


A vintage countryside affair encapsulated Madeleine and Owen’s wedding theme, allowing for all their friends and family to pitch in for a deeply personal and communal day. The two were so amazed by all the help and support that they received on the day, and wanted to give credit to those who made their wedding truly memorable. After you’ve read through all their helpers, scroll down further to see some wonderful imagery of the occasion captured by Petal Photography.

‘The whole thing was like a big, beautiful, handmade, community effort. Owen’s cousin made all of these incredible dresses. Our good mate Jack, Owen’s dad Bill and Owen made twenty-three tables from scratch out of bits of an old fence, donated by Maddi’s aunt. After a “shoutout” on Facebook, Maddi’s friend Gab offered to drive to the Kangaroo Valley and do makeup for all the ladies in the bridal party. Our friend James, with help from Owen, made and delivered three different types of beer, totalling three hundred and thirty bottles, all with personalised labels. Maddi, her mum and brother’s girlfriend Sofiyah, took a 5am trip to the markets to get flowers, which were then expertly assembled into bouquets, boutonnières and corsages by Sof, with the rest of them stripped, bunched and put in jars around the marquee by bridesmaids, mums, aunts, brothers and anyone on hand. We had people offering to make the playlists, pick up the desserts, help load trailers full of chairs, problem solve the hanging of the festoon lights and at 10pm on the night before the wedding, with things not completely ready, we were ushered off to bed (and to write our vows) with a, “Don’t worry about it, we’ll do the rest,” from our bridal party and families. And they did do the rest. And more – extra touches that we hadn’t even considered – and because it was wet and muddy, at the end of the night the owner had to come by with his tractor to unbog peoples’ cars. From our perspective it was a complete triumph!’


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