Made With Love by Mallika


Do you dream of a modern yet feminine and elegant wedding dress for your day? We are in love with every design by With Love By Mallika, a designer who is truly creating art with every dress she creates. The collections are a marriage between handcrafted pieces and classic silhouettes – think romance, elegance and beauty brought together in timeless style! When we sat down with Mallika to talk about her heart behind the business, it was clear that With Love By Mallika brings glamour and class, with a twist of modernity!

“I design for a confident woman who dares to embrace herself in whatever she encounter in life.”

What was your inspiration for the business?

When I was searching for my own wedding dress, I had a great difficulty finding what I wanted-something understated, not over the top, modern but yet feminine and elegant. I thought maybe other women were probably feeling exactly the same way, which inspired me to start up my own bridal business. I saw an unmet need in bridal business.

How did you go about starting up your business?

It wasn’t easy starting up but I believed that I had the right energy, will power, confidence, passion, and the right support from people who believed in me.

I started this bridal business from a very emotional place – designing, creating and engineering a gown that represents love, hopes and dreams. For me, designing and creating are both linked to that journey of expressing yourself and connecting with your inner self.

What are you offering that is different from the rest?

I am constantly pushing the boundaries and really design, rather than creating just another pretty dress to add on the rack. I try to be honest to my design aesthetic. I craved for that Art Deco aspect and timeless style but with a modern twist. I also feel that modern bride these days go for a more understated look and feel. They want their personality to shine and not just the gown. I know that my job is done when my gown compliments their personality and beauty from within.

What do you love about your job?

I love the fact that I can create a bridal gown that represents the bride, her love, her hopes, her aspiration and her happiness.

What is your favourite experience as a business owner?

I truly love the amount of freedom and the time I have for my work. I have to say that designing and creating are the two aspects I love most about my work.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the industry?

Before you start anything significant in your life, find out about your sense of purpose, discover your point of difference, follow your intuition, find that confidence within yourself, surround yourself with positive people, try to be brave, take risks and push the boundaries!

Don’t live life with regrets, do it with love and just make it happen!


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