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Macalister Mansion


Macalister Mansion is designed around the idea of an old English mansion. Each space provides all the hospitality of an actual home – good food, fine drink, engaging conversation, soothing music, a good night’s sleep or simply lounging by the pool. It’s situated within walking distance to the heritage-listed George Town in Penang; a beautiful city with plenty of tourist activities.

The rooms are luxurious, private and spacious with tasteful furnishings, and the styling is a great mix between classic colonial and modern Malaysian design. The staff are incredibly warm and professional, and the food is wonderful, especially if you are looking for some Western cuisine.

The Macalister Mansion serves as the perfect private escape for couples who want all the creature comforts in an exotic setting. Find out more at, and scroll down to see more features from the beautiful venue by The Robertsons Photography.


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