Real Weddings

Macadamia Farm love


We’re in love with outdoor weddings, especially when they take place at home or somewhere you used to call home. Dean and Laura had their stunning wedding on Laura’s mother and stepfather’s property–grass that spools as far as the eye can see, seating on a carpet of autumnal leaves beneath an umbrella of arching tree limbs that filtered through warm, dappled sunlight. Yes, it was as glorious as it sounds, made more so by the presence of the couple’s family and friends. At the center of it all was an injection of love, evident in the hand-painted invitations, bouquets and flower arrangements, signage, cake, desserts, and tireless hours spent collecting, restoring and painting all the vintage furniture pieces white. That’s the good stuff right there, that moves them inseparably closer and transforms their surrounds too. And present to capture it all was the super talented Shutter + Lace Photography, a remarkable team of photographers if ever there was one! Take a gander at their handiwork, pure poetry in pictures.





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