Lynsey + Matt: The Festival of the Woods

Lynsey + Matt: The Festival of the Woods


Let us share with you a little anecdote of what happens all too often when we browse through the sublime snapshots of our brides and grooms.  We marvel at the small unique touches, we drool over how beautiful the bride looks and we are totally drawn in by the magic and atmosphere of the whole day. And then jealousy takes over for a small moment and we stop and ask ourselves, “Why couldn’t we have been invited to this spectacular wedding??”. This was definitely what happened when we saw the images from Lynsey and Matt’s ‘Festival of the Woods’. There is so much fun, colour and all round awesomeness happening here styled by the talents of She Designs it’s almost hard to digest it all! That’s why we’re so glad Nina Claire Photography was kind enough to share the whole day with us through these lasting images. Now we can visit them whenever we wish and pretend we too were part of the ‘Festival of the Woods’.

Carly Tia


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