Luxe Garden Wedding


This wedding takes a ‘garden ceremony’ to the next level – with incredible luxe styling (chandeliers, anyone?) combined with bold florals with burgundy tones, topped with a gorgeous couple! Moments of joy and laughter at Jess + Shannon’s wedding were captured beautifully by Wedding Gallery Studio, a husband and wife team based in Sydney, Australia.

You know you’ve got an incredible wedding photographer when they capture every moment from you downing the champagne before noon, losing it with your dad walking down the aisle, catching those stares of your groom during the ceremony, capturing the giggles of your bridal party and shooting you dancing at sunset in a grassy field and heels. Wedding Gallery Studio has that unique gift of capturing real moments on your wedding day. We talked with Jess and Shannon about their day –

How did you know your partner was the one?

Shannon – I knew she was the one when she made the decision to leave her family and follow me to northern NSW when I first started work in the police force. As those years went by, we both relied heavily on each other and she never let me down. It was up there I knew that I would marry her.

Jess – I knew he was the one when I figured out that he was my best friend, someone who can make me laugh. Every time he wasn’t with me I felt something was missing and wanted to be with him. That’s when I realised I love him.

What do you love most about your partner?

Shannon – She is always there for me. I’ve had my ups and downs, and she has never let me down, always been there to take care of me. We have so much fun together and we’re always laughing either at each other or with each other.

Jess – He can always make me laugh, doesn’t matter how I feel. His always been supportive and always there for me when I need him

What advice would you give other couples leading up to their wedding day

Plan early and include everything, don’t underestimate how much there is to organise. We started planning 18 months in advance and with 2 weeks left were still running around because of things we forgot or looked over.


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