Lovelocked Brisbane – July 20


We know how annoying it is when people bang on about the same old thing all the time so please forgive us when we say (for the millionth time) that your wedding day is  arguably one of the most important days of your lives. That’s why it really should be a total reflection of who you are as a couple. We get that this isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve, especially with so many recycled concepts and ideas floating about in the world wide ‘wedding’ web. Step aside for Lovelocked, a fresh new bridal fair alternative! Besides offering a vast array of sought- after vendors for you to squint and prod at,  the team have constructed an interactive reception where vendors showcase exactly what they do best! You can sample food while soaking up an array of styling and decorations, and experience how things could shape up at your wedding. Here’s a little looksee into the three sections of the fair:

The Ceremony: like at a real wedding, you’ll see a bridal party, ceremony styling, flowers and a celebrant.

The Reception: taste the food and wine while perusing Brisbane’s most sought-after florists, stationers and stylists.There will also be an array of decorated reception tables, all uniquely styled.

The Vendor Lounge: your chance to witness your favourite gowns sashay down the runway. Featuring leading designers by some of Australia’s best and from around the world.

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