Allie + Tom: love in stills


When Allie and Tom first asked Ben Adams to take their picture, they had recently become engaged. When he was next summoned by them it was to visually document their wedding. On the third occasion he was asked to capture the delight they both shared at Allie’s pregnancy. And he did it all. Beautifully. It’s this stunning progression we get to see today. Why does it matter? Because we believe love doesn’t have to be announced by grand gestures. It doesn’t need fanfare or elaborate proclamations to exist or be witnessed. In many ways, it’s silent and unnoticeable except in our soft, tender gestures toward one another. Dating, engagement, marriage, starting a family—all certain signs that love thrives in that close, huddlesome way. Sometimes, the ordinary can become extraordinary and in love’s instance, the ordinary is always extraordinary when done with a heart entirely devoted to another—like Allie and Tom’s eight-year journey thus far. What is love to these two? Allie shares a little of  what she thinks.

What does it mean to really love someone? There’s a great quote that I think answers this question perfectly: “You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly” – Sam Keen. I think loving someone is knowing their faults and loving them more because of them. I also think to really love someone, you put their needs above yours and you know how to have fun together. It also helps if they are your best friend in life. Is it possible to love unconditionally? Definitely! We need to stop expecting things out of our relationships and instead enjoy our partners for their company and who they are as people. For me, I’ve accepted Tom and I are different people and enjoy the spice our differences add to our relationship. I love Tom for who he is, not what he does. Love lasts because of tolerance, patience, communication, compromise, laughter and spontaneity. What will you be doing this valentine’s day? This year we’ll be doing Valentine’s Day a little differently—as a family of three! Depending on the weather, we’re planning on a family picnic by the water. What are your thoughts on having one day that celebrates love? I think it’s important to try to celebrate your love for each other on a daily basis, but life gets busy so it’s nice to have a reason to spoil each other. You daily celebrate love by doing little things for each other randomly and making time for regular date nights.



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