Bridal Fashion

The Essentials Collection


With Love Stationery has been a long-term fave of ours for several reasons. We won’t attempt to list them all here but suffice it say we have an obsession with beautifully-designed paper goods–an obsession With Love Stationery satisfies completely. The Ready Made Collection won us over the instant we clapped eyes on it, but with the launch of the new Essentials line (that includes stamps, guestbooks, gift tags, invites, thank you cards and much more) we now feel spoiled rotten for choice. The Essentials range is wedding specific and ready to be sent as is, which differs a little from the Ready Made Collection that had flex for customisation. That said, why would you want to change any of it? It was made beautiful, perfect, unique and just right for your wedding. And if that’s not enough, knowing that owner and creative virtuoso, Jackie, is a splendid individual should have you running to With Love like your life depended on it. Though before you scurry, take a sec to check out some of her range below. 


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