Lord Coconut


“My love of cufflinks started the journey in developing the Lord Coconut concept. I’ve worn cufflinks for over 20 years and after a career break (thanks wife!) I finally got to fulfill one of my dreams in starting my own business.” Mark Boldiston shares the story behind founding Lord Coconut, a label that offers a mix of Australian-made jewellery for men.

How did you go about starting it up?
Having an understanding wife who prefers a happy husband was a good start. She enabled me to take a career break with the view that I needed to have a business plan ready to go at the end of the six months allowed. During the break it was a lot of soul searching about what I was passionate about in life, if there was a gap in any market that I felt I could meet and then the hard slog of making sure every contingency was covered before real money was spent on the business. Of course all the planning went out the window when it came time to start the business and open the doors but the business plan gave me a solid framework to start from.

What makes your business unique?
We’re the only retail store in Melbourne, and probably Australia, which deals exclusively in men’s jewellery. We represent over 40 Australian based jewellers and specialise in wedding rings for men along with dress rings, cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces, lapel pin, tie bars and the like.

What does a typical day look like for you?
Up late (it is my business and the hours match my body clock), check email whilst having breakfast for any online orders or customer queries before a short walk to work. Each work day is different but always includes showing rings to people, chatting to the jewellers/artisans, lots of social media and marketing and hopefully hearing a good story or two from my wonderful customers (I work on my own so each customer is my work buddy for the day).

What’s your favourite thing about working with couples?
I love watching the dynamics between couples. It’s a big decision for the guys when choosing their wedding band and you soon realise who makes the ‘final’ decisions in each relationship. Some guys don’t seem able to make a decision without their partners approval, some partners say its up to the guy but can’t help interfering whilst others seem to have the balance just right. I’m not judging it’s just interesting watching the discussions between each couple.

What does marriage mean to you?
Hopefully a lifelong commitment to each other but lets be honest, there are no guarantees any more and staying in a bad relationship doesn’t help either party. Lets hope each marriage is based upon mutual respect and trust wrapped up with a lot of love for each other. Life is one long journey full of little adventures and it’s nice to have someone to share it with.


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