Raqel + Madison: No love like this love


We initially thought of putting Logan Cole’s super incredible images up as a Wordless Wedding Wednesday, but we love both him and his work too much to let it go without a peep from us. So we’ll make it quick. Summing up Logan is easy. He rocks. Big time. Such great talent with such little ego. We love that. Just take a gander at Raqel and Madison’s out-of-this-world wedding shoot. Who can argue with beauty like that? Another very talented fellow, Nick Radford, helped capture this incredible day. Bet you love Raqel’s dress and those of her bridesmaids too right? A little birdie tells us they were all handmade by Raqel’s very talented fashion-designer-of-a-mother. Madison’s vest too. Fab! We are going to ignore the gloom outside that says it’s going to rain because this is our forever patch of sunshine. Thanks Logan, you’ve made our day.


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