Local Gatherings


Event styling can often require the precision of a surgeon’s hands, so when two talents unite to form an event design dream team, we believe it’s worth shouting about from the rooftops. Stylist and interior designer, Stephanie Stamatis (the face behind Stephanie Somebody) and founder of The Brainery Store, Sarah Cooper, realised that as a formidable duo they could achieve something quite remarkable. A partnership as it were, built on simple aesthetics, focusing on community and reminiscent of the family dinner. Local Gatherings was subsequently born, an event design collaboration specialising in gatherings of any size; from a barbecue to a wedding and all with style that invites warmth, intimacy and a world of wonder. Nothing shy of careful planning, an eye for detail and consideration for your personal preferences can achieve the results paraded here. Home is undoubtedly where the heart is and for Stephanie and Sarah, home is Local Gatherings.


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