Liv Lundelius: Happy Birthday Dalston

You’d be forgiven for looking at these happy snappy pics of Liv, Dave and Dalston (the Havenese pup) and thinking something along the lines of … “what a cute idea for an engagement shoot!” Low and behold this Puppy pal and his mum and dad are in fact celebrating a birthday. Of course you can tell though from the party hats… silly us! Well, we bet you didn’t know this Fluff pot of goodness was in fact celebrating his first birthday! There, got you… hooray! It’s a Puppy party! When we saw these fun little pics pop up, we were like ‘we know that face.’ The gorgeous beauty is Liv (Dave please note you are a very handsome man), an incredible talent in the industry that creates the most amazing hair and make-up for those based in and around Sydney. And you know what else… she is soo sweet, we’ve known her for years and worked on some amazing collaborations together! Anyway, one windy afternoon Liv and Dave (and Dalston) caught up with the pet photographer of all pet photographers, Julianna from twoguineapigs and had a bit of birthday fun! Any occasion can be an opportunity to celebrate and, well, pets are part of the family too. The cakes and candles were left behind but take a look at how Liv and Dave got Dalston’s party started.


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