Lite Box Films: Tom + Tilly


Our mothers always told us to watch our hearts when it comes to musicians. “They’re heartbreakers, troublemakers.” We have to admit our hearts are a little bit broken out of pure joy and being smitten by this gorgeous film that captured Tom and Tilly’s special wedding day and the surprises the two had prepared for each other (one being a self-written little tune by the groom himself), with the help and curatorship of Lite Box Films. The team captured a fun, kind and warm day for the couple, with an incredible delicacy in their choice of music and cinematography skills interwoven created a summation of what brought them together was revealed through the spoken word and sleepy melodies, finished off with a passionate dance-off under the falling rain of the night sky. A real example of how cinematographers are not just the ones behind the camera, becoming an important player in the story that is a couple’s relationship.

TOM&TILLY // LOVE from Lite Box Films on Vimeo.



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