Lisa + Jamie


“I love you because you taught me how to love again.”

Four years, seven months and 13 days ago (who’s counting) whilst at a music festival called ‘Golden Plains’, I motioned Lisa to a hotspot called ‘Inspiration Point’, where, as the sun sets, the rolling, grassy hills turn golden. As the sunset hit its peak, I asked Lisa to marry me. With little preparation, I pulled out a pen and drew a ‘J’ on Lisa’s ring finger, and suggested that maybe we could get tattoo rings. She laughed, saying she’ll be getting a ring! The best thing about the proposal was we got to walk back down into the festival and share our news with all our friends and celebrate the night away.


We’re adventure-seeking lovers with a passion for doing. We both absolutely love exploring new places and seeing new things. We aren’t shy when it comes to living an ‘out of the norm’ lifestyle, having both started businesses and gone against the grain. We also enjoy creating and want to make sure whatever we do is done to the best of our ability, pushing the boundaries to ensure what people see of us is a quality outcome.


To be honest, I don’t really want much to change in our lives. Right now, things are amazing—we get to travel, spend lots of time with friends and family. We both work on things we are passionate about and excite us. Our lives are great, and I hope things stay this way. The one thing I will do is make sure I grow as a person and become the best husband I can be. I want to go against the grain of the typical remarks of, “It’s all downhill from here.” Let’s embrace growing old together and show the world that marriage is an amazing thing, and an honour. I love you Lisa, and till death do us part, I’ll be right here for you.


I am so happy we are now a family. I hope that our lives forever stay exciting, positive and full of love. I hope our adventures never end, whether they be on the other side of the world or just close-to-home camping trips with our future family. I dream that our marriage will last to the end and that we will never stop loving each other through all of the ups and downs life may bring. I promise to always take care of you, support you and be by your side. Here’s to an amazing life together!



I love that every single day when I wake up I see your cute little face snoozing away.

I love you because you taught me how to love again.

I love you for your passion to make things perfect.

I love you because you always find the best in people.

I love your love for adventure.

I love you because you always put others before yourself.

Most of all I love you because you enrich my life every day and bring so much happiness to me—I couldn’t live without you.



He is the sweetest, caring and protective partner.

He wakes me up every single morning with a smile and a coffee.

I love his crazy and funny personality—there is never a dull day when he is around! I love when he sings and dances in the morning to make sure our day is starting on a good note.

I love that Jamie is obsessed with pizza and burgers, because it means I get to eat them way more than I should.

I love his passion to help others that are less fortunate than himself and to make a difference in the world.

I love how he thinks he’s a master chef—he thinks his food tastes so much better than mine (because it’s smothered in salt).

I love that he lets me fill both mine and his suitcase with my clothes when we travel.

I know that life will be one big, incredible adventure with him.


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