Lavender & Poppyseed


Sun in your hair, a little relaxed sophistication, and some super soft blushing blooms. If the idea of this intoxicates you as it does us, we’re glad to have you here too. Lavender & Poppyseed are experts at creating beautiful experiences and evocative settings. They provide bespoke prop styling and floral design, but their biggest focus is working the “you” into your day. So your fiancé bought you dahlia’s on your first date? Lavender & Poppyseed are potty about incorporating your dewy-eyed, nostalgic moments into their designs. It’s sentimental alright, but we prefer to think of it as exceptional attention to detail.

We’re smitten with what they’ve done here. The hushed colour palette and vintage dresses are enough to make us want to organise an event just for the sake of getting these guys on board! Take a gander at these ravishing pics, and awaken the sunkissed, rustic, floral crowned queen within.



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