Lauren + Steve’s Eclectic, Industrial Wedding


Eclectic and personal, this industrial gem is the perfect spot to say ‘I do’! We love how personal these two made their day, from their choice in alcohol to Lauren’s beautifully unconventional gown with a floral flair. Keep reading to get to know this fun-loving pair and see more from their day!


Tell us about your proposal. It was Christmas day, and after buying our first home together we decided no Christmas presents this year! To my surprise I woke up to Steve on one knee asking me to marry him. I was so blown away I just looked at him dazed and said “is this even real” after him confirming it was, I just kept nodding saying YES!!

How did you know your partner was the one? It would have been our first weekend away together when we went to the Whitsunday’s. We planned a beautiful catamaran snorkeling trip, I had too much to drink and fell asleep on White Haven beach with next to no sunscreen on while Steve was playing football. Once we got back to shore Steve marched me (drunkenly) to the closest store to buy Aloe Vera and continued to laugh the whole time at how he had never seen someone turn so purple! He was so kind and patient for the rest of the trip with my blistering back I knew I could see my future with him!

What do you love most about your partner? His favourite saying is “what’s it like to laugh all the time” and I do laugh, all the time. It’s what I love most about him. There is nothing we haven’t ever been able to get through with a bit of laughter!

What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Our first moments together were in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne’s inner city. With our amazing bridal party in tow, we had an intimate first look by surprising Steve in the middle of the gardens on a perfectly sunny, surprisingly warm Melbourne afternoon! Everything about that time in the lead up to our ceremony was just so perfect. We had two hours of pure bliss wandering the gardens and then the streets of Collingwood with our beautiful friends, drinking and laughing and having time to breath together before the chaos of our wedding began!

Describe your wedding theme/style. When planning our wedding we didn’t begin with a theme or style. We quite literally picked all our favourite things, threw them together and it just worked! We love craft beer and everything alcohol so decided a boutique brewery with gin bonbonniere would be the perfect place to have our wedding! The Craft and Co already has a really cool vibe so we didn’t want to go overboard and ruin it! I worked with our amazing florist to ensure the flowers didn’t clash with my beautiful wedding dress! But if you were to put a name to it I would say simple, and very “US”. Black and White signage and invitations, timber name places to match in to the venue and beautiful native flowers! There was really nothing hard about planning our wedding and I think that’s what made it so amazing!

What is marriage to you? Marriage to me is finding someone who constantly pushes my boundaries and challenges me. Someone who won’t ever let me get comfortable with life. Who will always make sure I take every opportunity to be the best version of myself and of course, someone who will love me on our crazy adventures for the rest of our lives.


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