Lauren Campbell: Anna + Ben


On the banks of the Yass River, in the heart of sheep grazing country in the Southern Tablelands, stands an old cottage on a hill rich in history, called Cooma Cottage . This was the setting for Anna and Ben’s delightfully rustic and down-to-earth wedding celebration, all captured by Lauren Campbell. Read on for more details from the ride herself.

It was Hume’s cottage and gardens, carefully maintained by the National Trust of Australia and some local volunteers, that we had set our hearts on for our wedding venue. It had everything we loved about living in the country – from the history surrounding it, to the epic views across the valley, to the Yass River winding its way along the eastern border of the property.

Ben and I agreed early on in our preparation that our wedding was not going to be a formal affair, but rather a large, happy, celebratory party. Our bridal party consisted of siblings and forever friends. There were no designer dresses, no fancy suits, just beautiful, smiling people wearing the clothes that best represented them.

The middle of February is often dry and hot, but the day of our wedding was grey and wet. Our careful planning for a hot, dry afternoon quickly transformed into finding umbrellas and temporary cover for the ceremony. Our vows were exchanged under the protection of a small marquee with our bridal party huddled around us for warmth while our family and friends huddled under the cottage’s back verandah.

The heritage listing of the cottage meant that our reception celebrations had to be outside, but a large marquee provided by Goulburn Valley Party Hire provided shelter from the rain. Drinks were served from the historic stables, with wine sourced from Shaw Vineyard Estate in nearby Murrumbateman. Anyone who knows me and Ben knows how much we love our Mexican cuisine, so it was no surprise to anyone that we had Mexican food at our reception provided by Sydney food van Cantina Movil.

My shoes long ago abandoned, one of the groomsmen on guitar, we danced our first waltz to Iron and Wine’s ‘Flightless Bird, American Mouth’, albeit awkwardly after only three hurried lessons. Canberra folk-pop darlings Pocket Fox led us into our second waltz – Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’. One of our fondest memories from the wedding is being serenaded by our family and friends as they all joined in with great enthusiasm.

The rain may have changed our plans, but if we could go back in time, neither of us would change a thing about our wedding. That night will live on in our memories, the stories our friends’ share, and Lauren’s stunning photos.


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