Laura & Zach: forever yours


If you can perch upon the branches of a gnarled tree and find them as soft and caressing as velvet, or accidentally stumble  through a stream yet barely notice the tracking of water through your socks, then you’ll know you’re either delirious, or in love. Many great poets say there’s no difference; that love and delirium appear indistinguishable. But in Laura and Zach’s case, their binding affinity relays an affection so strong it can only be love. Captured perfectly by Willow & Co., the dense, rustic foliage of the Blue Mountains delivers the ideal backdrop against which a wonderful and heart warming  display takes  place. We wouldn’t be surprised if, at times, the air literally crackled and hummed. A gorgeous engagement shoot for a gorgeous couple. Thanks Willow & Co. for sharing your stunning handiwork. 



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