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Laura + Tim


Laura and Tim took to the rustic bushland of John Forest National Park for an intimate and personal engagement shoot with IZO Photography. Read on to find out how the proposal unfolded from Laura herself.

‘Tim and I were on a 10 day holiday in Singapore when I found out that he was ring shopping! I really didn’t want to be proposed to away from home so I had a little anxiety attack that he was going to and was constantly on the lookout for any sort of surprise. But nothing happened, so we arrived home and drove straight away to a three day holiday with my parents and sister in Pemberton. No suspicious activity happened there either so I was lulled into a false sense of security and thought that I had been too anxious about it happening anytime soon.
The very next day was our two year anniversary of dating so we had decided to go out for dinner to Lava Stonegrill in Mt Lawley (with a prepaid dinner voucher from my cousin and her partner, as Tim had done them a big favour!). I suspected nothing! Silly me, I missed all the signs until they were blatantly obvious. We dined and then drove to a nearby park where I saw some fairy lights beautifully decorating a gazebo by the pond. I said, “I wonder who’s that for?” and then I realised what was happening. We ended up walking around the park and eventually Tim said, “Let’s go up to THAT gazebo over there.” And I hesitantly said, “… Okay.” And there he proposed to me in whispers on bended knee with a beautiful and delicate engagement ring. Tim says he wasn’t nervous, but I could tell he was, especially when I left him hanging for a bit! It was a magical time with fairy lights and roses, all set up by some lovely friends. I hadn’t wanted anything lavish for a proposal, so I was just over the moon that he had proposed! We went straight back home and told all of our family.’


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