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Laura + Tim


“It was the moment that Laura walked down the aisle and as I saw her, I thought that it was such a surreal moment.  The moment that I took her hand from her dad and I can remember the joy I felt.”

Wed in an intimate ceremony, graced by the presence of their closest friends and family, Tim could not believe his eyes as he gazed upon his bride to be, Laura, walking toward him. Berry reds and soft pink florals complimented her delicate lace gown as it trailed behind her through the midst of the most glorious day of their lives. More on Tim’s spectacular proposal below, as told by Laura.

“It was our two year anniversary of dating so we had decided to go out for dinner to Lava Stonegrill in Mt Lawley.  I suspected nothing! Silly me, I missed all the signs until they were blatantly obvious. We dined and then drove to a nearby park where I saw some fairy lights beautifully decorating a gazebo by the pond and said, ‘I wonder who’s that for?’ and then I realised what was happening. We ended up walking around the park and eventually Tim said, ‘Let’s go up to THAT gazebo over there.’ And I hesitantly said, ‘… Okay.’ And there he proposed to me in whispers on one knee with a beautiful, delicate engagement ring. It was a magical time with fairy lights and roses, all set up by some lovely friends. I hadn’t wanted anything lavish for a proposal, so I was just over the moon that he had proposed!”


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