Laura + Brent


This gorgeous gem of a wedding from Issue 26 reminds us why Bali is one of the most stunning wedding destinations, with couple Laura and Brent harnessing their love of this place and each other to create the most memorable of wedding experiences. ‘On the morning of the wedding, we had a special ceremony with both our families, led by our priest, where our parents offered their separate blessings. It was a traditional Hindu ritual which was both special and personal. We had been away from our families and each other for a few days with our tribes (hens and bucks) so it was nice for us all to get together in an intimate setting before the main event and do something special. After the ceremony, it was so incredibly hot and even though we were wearing our traditional dress, we decided to all jump into the pool together! Beck, our photographer, managed to get some great shots.’ Scroll down to see how their dreamy day came together, with every detail captured by Beck Rocchi Photography.






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