Kristel + Christian: An unconditional love


Kristel and Christian’s love for each is unconditional. Six months on from tying the knot, the couple are still as strong as ever. Don’t miss the chance to see how their special day unfolded, from the delicate design details, to the ever-growing bond between them.


Tell us about your proposal.
Christian proposed to me at Hanging Rock. He initially wanted to propose when we reached the top, but I insisted on taking a break on the way up. I was looking out admiring the view and when I turned, he calmly asked me to sit beside him before he started spilling his heart out to me. The moment was so beautiful and kind of a big blur! He had to repeat what he was saying to me on our hike down because I was crying hysterically!

How did you know your partner was the one?
They say you know when you know, and that’s 100% true. I’ve never felt a deeper love than I do with him.

What do you love most about your partner?

Her: His patience is definitely what I admire the most. I know I can be very stubborn and trying at times, but he’s always my voice of reason. He’s truly loves me for all of me, including my flaws and biggest insecurities. He makes me feel so worthy everyday and even more so in my moments of doubt. He thrives with all the qualities I lack and keeps me grounded with his contagious energy.

His: She’s extremely cute and every time I look at her, I just smile and think to myself how lucky I am to have met this beautiful person who I can now call my wife. I’ve known Kristel for six years and we’ve been married for almost six months. I love her more and more everyday. She is my rock, my best friend, my role model, my lover and the better half of me.

She has such a kind heart, and always looks for the best in things. It’s no lie, she’s clearly got the brains in this relationship and I love how determined and smart she is in whatever she puts her mind to.

She is independent, strong, caring, funny and silly. I love her gorgeous smile and (she’s going to kill me) her small nose. She has taught me so much and who I am today is thanks to her. She is the best thing to ever happen to me and my only regret is to not have had her in my life sooner than when we had met. My love for her is unconditional.

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?
Our entrance to the reception was hilarious. We danced out to ‘Started from the bottom’ by Drake, but Christian’s lack of swag was definitely on full show. We have that on video forever!

Describe your wedding theme.
We didn’t really go for one specific theme. Honestly, the crux of our whole wedding was what just felt right and what most reflected our style. We had a bit of everything, from rustic aspects like our cake and arbour, to more modern details like the touches of marble, gold and black in our styling and stationary. If we had to sum it up, it would probably fall somewhere along the lines of ‘modern romance’.

What was your favourite detail?
Our florals were hands down our favourite! It was so much more beautiful than anything we envisioned.

What is marriage to you?
Experiencing all of life’s beautiful, memorable and challenging moments with the one person who will always be your peace and safety. It’s pretty incredible.


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